A small artisan workshop, a big manufacturing reality.

Ours is the story of a small family-run artisan workshop founded at the end of the 70s in Massa Fermana in the Marche province of Fermo.

Mario Minicucci, his wife Angela Maria and his sister Anna Maria, started this small manufacturing company relying only on their craftmanship and determination, managing to overcome the odds of time when doing business was complicated, due to the lack of means to get in touch with the customers and communicate with them quickly.

The company has grown thanks to its craftsmanship vocation combined with technological innovation: we have the right machinery and specialised workers to increase the production capacity with the aim to improve the product quality.

Finally, the small artisan workshop has become a reference production pole for the manufacturing sector.

The factory

We manage all knitted accessories production stages

Our company manages all stages of the production, from the prototype creation to the packaging of the product and guarantees thorough checks in every step of the production process.

Our workers have a long experience, are specialized, qualified and trained for the programmation of Shima machinery for different gauges, and for the use of technological advanced machinery for the production of knitted products; they combine technical skills with manual skills for the garnments productions.

We are also equipped with and internal laundry, looping machinery, as well as ironing and sewing machines: we have also and internal workshop to produce special and customized products in short times.

Finishing and packaging is made internally, ensuring the detailled control of the entire production process for each product.


We are environmental friendly

In 1999 we moved to the new factory in Magliano that we have reclaimed and renovated completely.

In 2009 we reconsidered our environmental impact equipping ourselves with a photovoltaic plant that covers almost all of our energy needs, and we have also installed low heat dispersion windows.