From the creation to the production of knitted accessories

A unique and original identity which, in few years, has become one of the most important manufacturing realities in the territory thanks to the perseverance and craftsmanship of the founders. This small craft enterprise has been able to keep up with the times, joining the manufacturing tradition with the industrial processes, improving the production capacity and the quality of the product.

Minicucci’s hats, scarves , gloves and other knitted accessories have conquered the sector thanks to creativity, style, high quality of the raw material and value finishings.

We care about environment

We have chosen to be enviromental friendly
by redeveloping our factory for a greater energy efficiency
and equipping ourselves with photovoltaic panels.


We are specialized in different knitting techniques to satisfy all our customers’ needs. Starting from the wide range of yarns, you can customize your product by choosing between coarse or fine knitting , combining inserts in fleece, leather, fur, faux fur, enhancing with embroideries, rhinestone, printings, handmade applications, jacquard.

We offer to our customers the possibility to benefit of our craftmanship and assistance to create a competitive product at the best quality-price ratio.

Quality of Made in Italy

All our products are Made in Italy.

The italian manufacturing tradition is an heritage of handycraft wealth, style and innovation: producing in the territory and offer a quality product at competitive prices to our customers, is our way to defend this heritage.

All stages of the production process are subjected to strict and thorough checks so that the final product lives up to the Italian manufacturing tradition.


We produce hats, scarves, stoles,shawls, ponchos, gloves,headbands, legwarmers and other knitted accessories for man, woman, child and baby.

Starting from the idea and characteristics of each product, we are able to evaluate every aspect of the production and recommend the best solution for a product that reflects the current fashion, the consumer needs, combining creative style and production technology.